Distressed Sales in Tenerife

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Distressed Sales Tenerife

It's a fact: The Spanish economy is recovering from the recession which has affected most of Europe and there are those, who for one reason or another, need to realize the equity which is tied up in the property that they own.

That is why investing in bricks and mortar has always made such sound economic sense and will always continue to do so. Fact. The property market is on the upturn and property sales have increased in the first quarter of 2022 to a level where a predicted and constant rise is now being proven.

There are, without doubt, still some bargains to be bought. Distressed sales result, unfortunately from a number of different scenarios which can vary from a change in financial circumstances, to the death of a spouse. Whatever the cause, the bargains are still out there to be purchased. The problem is finding them!

Through our network of highly experienced staff, we are able to source the bargains you are looking for - often before they come onto the open market!

Our resources can provide you with a chance to purchase a holiday home - or even a home to live in permanently - at a price which has resulted from a desire or need, to sell - and quickly! The seller realizes the equity contained within the property enabling them to use the money elsewhere - and you buy the property at a bargain price. It's a win, win situation!

Tell us what you are looking for. Give us a budget to work to and we will find you a bargain.

Distressed sales give you the chance to invest now and beat the price increases thus saving you up to 40% when compared to similar properties. These properties offer an ideal opportunity to benefit from the ever expanding buy-to-let market and can generate incomes which cover day to day running costs whilst providing investment return over a relatively short period of time.

Tourism figures also contribute to the more buoyant market. With visitors to the island of Tenerife increasing by 16%, as compared to the same period last year, come an ever-increasing number of potential purchasers. The distressed seller has access to more potential buyers than ever! This factor too, should be borne in mind when purchasing. Investment in a buoyant market means the ability to sell quicker and easier. Tenerife provides that security.

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